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It's easy to access the shopcenter?
Entering the shopcenter it's quite easy for every fan who as an elementary knowledge of internet, typing the address:
To access and surf with satisfaction the website we suggest to use the latest release of your browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari) to be sure of compatibility with all the shopcenter' security measures.
First impact with the shop is a central layout with all the latest releases and special offer
for the fans, exclusive items or limited time offers. On the left there're the categories you can surf with on top links to "privacy" and "Terms of Service". After them the possibility to use the search box to find easely specific items without surfing the entire store and the register/login form. In the right column on top you can see and check "your cart", below a products scroller and latests items arrival.

I'm a litte bit confused, entering the shop what i need to do first?
After a first look, best thing to do is to surf the column on the left searching the "register form" and register yourself as a customer (it's mandatory to buy something). Registering it's easy and safe and the only thing you need it's a valid email address, fill in the form with your details and click the send registration button. An automatic answer will give you details to access at your next visit to the shopcenter. Registration is needed one time only. From the next visit you'll need only your username and password 'cause your details are automatically stored with the previous registration. I suggest you to DO NOT share your user or password with anyone, and possibly do not use browser function like "automatically remember me" entering the site. Manually fill in the login form each time is the safest way to protect your privacy and account details expecially if your computer is shared with other people.

Registering is mandatory?
No. Registration to the shopcenter is not mandatory. Register yourself is needed if you want to purchase items, buy something from the shop. Without registration you can surf the shop but you can't access to future special menu sections and offers reserverd to customers.

My personal data are safe?
Yes. Michaelmania Shopcenter is authenticated during these kind of operations and during checkout process with a secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer - AES-256 256 bit) connection verified by USERTRUST Network, a certification authority. Secure connection can be verified seeing the padlock on the right corner of your internet browser. Regarding your privacy and the way Michaelmania' shopcenter use your personal data some specific links have been set up in the left column of the shop.

My credit/debit card details are safe?
Yes. Michaelmania' shopcenter use a secure server for all the transactions provided from external gateway (Paypal and Online Bank). In any way Michaelmania' shopcenter can access, see, collect, elaborate or have knowledge of your credit card details, they remains processed from third part companies.

How can I increase the security of my sessions inside the shopcenter?
Data security in every situation of commerce and expecially during ecommerce is fondamental for every company. Speaking about internet, a prudent and safe use of the tecnology helps and reduce to minimum any kind of security risk during your visit. We suggest a few rules you can apply for your protection surfing the shopcenter:

- Keep safe your username and password .
- Don't share your shop details with anyone
- Try to do not use automatic session (remember me), your browser helps you but not in case your pc is shared with other people
- Check the presence, during the transaction, of the padlock in the right corner of your browser
- Do not reveal to anyone any URL of pages you visit inside the shop during a secured session as registered user.

Acting this way you can help us to increase the level oagf security of the site and you can help yourself against any kind of fraudolent use of your account.

I'm a registered customer, but I can recall my password to access the shopcenter...
Inside the login/register form there's a possibility to use a function to remember your password.

What I need to do to purchase an order?
To purchase an order you need to be registered, surf the website, choose items of your interest and click ADD TO CART. The Shopcenter calculate the total and taxes. Then you need to choose the shipping and the payment method you prefer. As an european customer you have at disposal two method of shipping (registered FLAT and priority FLAT) and you can pay your items by credit card or your paypal account safetely.Your order, when completed and accepted the terms of service, will be confirmed as accepted by email if everything is ok.

I've done something wrong, maybe a wrong purchase what i need to do?
First thing to do is to contact the shopcenter (contact us) explaining the situation so we can take care of your situation/order and easely find a solution. Michaelmania Shopcenter after 25 years of business has an history of reliability and our job is oriented to customers satisfaction, so, don't be afraid to contact us. We wanna you to know also that italian law protect customers order, expecially orders made by internet at distance from the shop's location.

Items inside the shop are immediately available?
The automatic system of the shopcenter check the availability of the items when you place an order. In every card of merchaindising you can see the availability of the item. Time can change from 24 hours to a few days depending of different factors. When an item is not available you can not place an order and an error message will be displaied except for the PRE-ORDERS, special prices promotion of merchandising that will arrive soon and that you can reserve. In that case your payment is processed when items are available and ready for shipping (applicable only to orders with payment through a bank module processor for credit card. In other cases - es. Paypal - money will be charged immediately directly from Paypal)

How can i pay my orders?
As an european customers you can pay by credit/debit card (through Paypal) or your Paypal account. The transaction is secure and safe.

How can I check what I'm buying?
During all the process of surfing the website shopping you can check your cart, add or remove quantity of items using the two small images on the right of details of every item. With one of them you change the quantity, with the other you delete your item.

Why the shopcenter has english text everywhere?
Michaelmania Shopcenter is specifically designed to become a reference for european market. Descriptions are easy to understand meanwhile mandatory lines who define "customers rights" and "privacy" are in italian and english.

Michaelmania's members have some kind of discount or special offers?
Yes. We're in process to studing special content and special offer exclusivelly reserved to Michaelmania's members.

Accessing the shopcenter there's a warning message...
When you see a warning message instead the front store means we're upgrading our shop, upgrading system or check something or there's a temporary problem with the database, so please check back later, generally in minutes, the situation will be back ok.

2Hand items what means that?
2Hand means that your're surfing items that are used items. Items at Michaelmania Shopcenter are generally new, but we have a section called 2Hands where you can surf used items.

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