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--------- IMPORTANT ABOUT Shipping & Delivery

Michaelmania Shopcenter generally ship your items in 48 hours after the acceptation of you order or  payment arrival. This time can increase for many reason like unexpected circumnstances or holiday seasons. Customers are able to choose their shipping method between two separated FLAT rates (priority mail and registered). Michaelmania Shopcenter online sell to EUROPEAN (EU) customers only.
Delivery time can change from 72 hours to a few days depending of many circumnstaces. Michaelmania is not responsable for damaged packages when the damage happen during shipping. Customers who receive a damaged shipping package need to contact the Shopcenter to help us to check and take care of the situation. Michaelmania Shopcenter commitment is to deliver your package to your door as soon as possible. Michaelmania Shopcenter is not responsable of any kind of delay of shipping caused by the vettor used to ship. FLAT rates for shipping include vettor rates, order processing and packaging costs.


1. Validity
These conditions are applicable for the sale and delivering of products inside the Shopcenter of the Ditta Boerci Daniele (below named Michaelmania) only to privat customers inside European Union. The company has the right to modify or update in the future these rules/conditions with the only obligation to advise customers with an advertisement (if rules changed any kind of customer-right).

2. Contract between customer and Ditta Boerci Daniele
Contract between customer and Michaelmania is considered valid after comunication, email confirmation of the order and acceptation of the order from Michaelmania to the customer. Michaelmania has the right to withdraw from the contract and all kind of obbligations anytime in case of errors or mistakes caused by the customer advising him about its intentions by email.

3. Prices and availability
Prices inside the Shopcenter are clearly exposed and incuding VAT. The final price of an item is a combination of price of the item, shipping, hadling and processing order. Shipping costs may change considering customer choosing through different shipping options/costs. All product's prices and descriptions are subject to changing whitout notice. Images used to identify products inside the store are not contractual but only used as simple descriptions of the item. In some cases the product could be different from the image.

4. Delivery of products
Once Michaelmania accepted the order, it's its responsability to do the best as possible to deliver the order to the customer. Delivery time is considering estimated, based on the availability of the product in store, considering processing time of the order and estimated delivery times from the vector used to ship the goods. Michaelmania reserve the right to ship the goods in different envelopes without any extra cost for the customer. In that case Michaelmania will advise via email the customer of separated shippings.

5. Warranty and Withdrawal
Michaelmania has a customer's oriented policy. We guarantee our customers can count on our service to maintain they rights during a long-distance shopping online. Michaelmania guarantees that items in store a new and without defects. We also guarantee that items in 2Hand section (used items) are verified and considered approved for selling. Customer has the right to withdraw from the order within 10 days from the goods receipt. This right can be exercised sending an email to with the intention to withdraw, a registered A/R letter to: Ditta Boerci Daniele - Via Bassini, 4 - 27100 PAVIA (ITALY). Products return need to be authorized by Michaelmania and shipping costs need to be paid by the customer. Once items are safe received from Michaelmania, we'll have 15 working days to refund customer the price he pays for the original order excluding, in the meantime, other agreements between Michaelmania and the customer, including items sostitution or letter of credit.

6. Shipping Limited responsability
Michaelmania has the only responsability to consider, check and agree with the customer to autorize and process the order. During checkout customer can choose different option of payment and shipping method. Choosing their option, customers agree to accept estimated delivery times whitout any guarantee 'cause these values are provided from third parties. Delivery times can change for many factors, including errors and/or mistakes made by customers or reasons outside the competence and responsability of Michaelmania. Shipping is provided by italian service post (Italy and Europe) through priority and registered packages. Customers agree to know that priority has a faster delivery times but worst security during shipping and registered packages have more security but slow delivery times.

Michaelmania is not responsable for any kind of delay of shipping not attributable to its behaviour but third parties, items losts or damages that are clearly competence of the vector used to ship and/or customer behaviour/error or mistake during the processing order. In case of items losts by postal service Michaelmania has the right to do all the research needed to obtain info from italian postal service and in every european country involved to check the responsability and the reason why order has not been delivered to the customer including checking all the customer details provided on registration process and ordering process. For that purposes only, and in case of suspect of fraud against the Shopcenter, customer account coul be suspended to prevent same action in the near future or same error to be repeated, also in case false informations are provided during registering process.

For registered packages Michaelmania has the obligation to proof shipping through receipt of shipping by email to the customer and activate all the necessary investigation to resolve the situation. In case of controversial without positive solution Michaelmania has the right to ask the customer details or info to help to resolve the situation. If order could not be delivered to customer's door for accertated reasons outside Michaelmania's behaviour or customer's behaviour, error or mistake, we'll proceed to refund customer the total amount payied without any cost, through bank transfer or money order (international in EU) providing him receipt of payment done. If responsability of lost is attributable to the customer or customer's error or mistake during ordering process no refund will be given and Michaelmania will be automatically excluded of any kind of obligation.

7. Limitations of warranty and withdrawal
Customer can not exercise withdrawal in case of buying cd/dvd or other audio-video material if original package has been opened. For their nature these kind of products could not be used to excercise withdrawal. To execise withdrawal their packages need to be unopened and items proven be with original defects. In that case Michaelmania will send to customer a substitution without extra costs after receiving from customer (and at his expenses) goods considered defective.

8. Law
Contracts between customers and Michaelmania Shopcenter are subjected to Italian laws who guarantee that in case of distance-orders (internet-orders) the Court of competence in litigation-cases is where the customer has his own residence.

9. Illegitimacy of terms and conditions
Terms and conditions are draw up in good faith and respecting Italian Law. If, for whatever reasons, a part of these terms and conditions will result invalid or not effective, the validity and the effective of the remaining will be conserved.


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